Absolicon Solar Collector AB

Concentrated solar energy is a very powerful tool to solve the worlds energy crisis. By focusing the sunlight, it can very efficiently be converted to heat, steam, cooling and electricity.

Absolicon is the world leader in small parabolic trough technology with patented receiver and collector technology. The new collector, T160, has superior performance compared to traditional solar collectors and will revolutionize how industries and cities uses solar energy.

The first installation was done in 2005 and Absolicon has experience from installing in many countries and climate zones. From 2018, the solar collectors will be manufactured in a robotized production line, producing one 5.5 m2 solar collector every six minute.

In 2016 Absolicon sold the first production line outside Sweden to the Chinese province of Sichuan. We are now looking for investors and producers who want to set up similar production capacity in the Indian states and territories under a license agreement with Absolicon.

Expertise areas

Absolicon excels in knowledge, product experience and production technology of small parabolic troughs and in systems that profitably can provide energy to:

  • Textile, pharma, food & beverage and chemical industries
  • District heating and district cooling networks for hospitals or commercial buildings

Why India?

In India, with superior solar insulation, international organizations like UNIDO and GEF has together with MNRE started an important work to turn the Indian industries away from fossil fuels. Absolicon offer a state of the art solar technology for industrial heat processes and a production line for an annual production of 100,000 m2 concentrating solar collectors where 90% of the components can be locally manufactured.

Key team

Joakim Byström CEO
Anders Rammsy Project Manager