About 3E flow

3E flow designs and manufacture connected and intelligent plug-and-play valves for domestic tap water systems.

By filling and emptying the pipes on demand when used, 3E flow has created the most efficient tap water system available. Because the water is pumped back to the system, no water goes to waste, the system is saving an average of 50% energy and 40% water. The system also creates better hygiene, water security, lower service and maintenance cost with a predictive approach and an overall reduction of the building’s carbon dioxide footprint. The system is patent protected with over 80 patents in 9 patent families. 3E flow system can be bought directly from 3E, but we can also offer licensing agreements with manufactures. These partners are able add value to their portfolio by incorporating 3E flow´s technology.


Number one in the world on tap water and tap water technology.

Energy efficient and water saving technology.


3E flow is a connected and intelligent plug-and-play valve for domestic tap water systems. 3E flow works by emptying water from the pipe when a tap is turned off, returning it to the tank, or a heat exchanger. The instant a tap is opened, water is delivered directly to the tap. This happens very quickly, for example it takes about 1 second to get hot water to the third floor.

There is only one pipe between the two 3E controllers. It is the same pipe that is being filled and emptied. Water pipes are empty 99% of the time. The pipes do not have to be insulated, so the pipes take up very little space in the shaft. The controllers are quick and easy to install and can be integrated into any plastic piping system, for example PEX pipe-in-pipe. It can be installed with any kind of tap or shower, regardless of manufacturer and is suitable for all hot water systems, tank fed or instantaneous, such as a plate heat exchanger.

The product is best suited for new developments or renovations where the whole plumbing system is to be replaced.

Customer segments

Everyone involved in some way where there is tap water. Planners, architects, plumbers, property developers, property owners, hospitals, elderly care, single houses, multifamily houses, office buildings but also HVAC manufacturers and wholesalers for the professional market that can sell and distribute or directly integrate our technology into their products.

Why India

We can help India to save enormous amounts of water and energy helping the building sector to make a great impact on the environment and since it is huge country also make a big impact for the whole planet. The fast-growing middle class in India makes it possible to do great business both for us and potential partners in India. India is also of interest for manufacturing of the products. Specific partnering interest

  • Property owners, developers and similar companies.
  • HVAC manufacturers and wholesalers.

Key team members

Erik Abbing, Chief Executive Officer
Leo Filson, International Business Developer
Gustav Abbing, Chief Information Officer