Swedish Exergy

Swedish Exergy AB technologies are ideally suited for sustainable development by maximizing the usable part of the energy (Exergy) and minimizing losses.

Our technologies can be used in multiple sectors such as; Sugar industry (grain/molasses based distilleries, sugar cane mills, bagasse drying etc.), production of pellets, tea drying and other various agro/food products, clean coal/lignite/peat, municipal sludge and other forms of sludge, CHP plant conversion from coal to biomass and pulp mills.

These are just a few of many industries where our technologies can be applied.

Industry-wide benefits with our technologies

  • Energy efficient technologies
  • Low emission to atmosphere
  • Small footprint
  • Sterilized and non-oxidised products
  • Low maintenance and running costs
  • Long plant life cycle and fast return on investment
  • Up to 99.9 % dryness achieved

For the Indian market, Swedish Exergy AB is focusing on offering their Exergy Flue Gas Dryer and Multi Effect Evaporators.