Overhead power lines in sunset. Photo.

Collaborative industrial research and development projects in the area of Smart Grid

The electrical system will play a key role in creating a carbon neutral society. The electrical smart grid is needed to cope with an increased need for energy and power from new and existing sectors, but also support increased flexibility such as the possibility of storing surplus energy. At the same time, a high security of supply needs to be ensured. Critical aspects are integration of renewable energy, grid security, flexibility, digitalization, integration of local systems together with national grids, end users including “prosumers” and integration to other systems such as the building sector, transport sector and industry.

The Department of Science & Technology (DST), the Government of India and the Swedish Energy Agency (SEA), Sweden, have decided to jointly fund two pilot projects with Swedish and Indian partners that are addressing these challenges within the context of electrical smart grid. The projects are both innovative and market-driven, with an expected potential to contribute to the proposed development of new technologies or processes or new/improved services, with a strong potential to future commercialization.

There is also a third collaboration project, resulting from the feasibility study work under the Andaman Islands Microgrid Development.