Pamoja Cleantech

Pamoja Cleantech AB is a for-profit social enterprise that provides sustainable renewable energy based solutions for the BOP – ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ market. Pamoja’s mission is to provide affordable productive power to empower local entrepreneurs in rural communities, through decentralized renewable energy.

Pamoja has more than 5 years of in-depth experience working in the rural electrification space in Uganda. Pamoja has extensive background in biomass gasification technology, solar technology and business development of Hybrid Business Models. The company has created an Energy Service Company in Uganda managing two mini-grids in rural villages and distributing electricity to more than 250 customers. The Ugandan government as well as international organizations such as SIDA and the World Bank have contracted the company, with partners like United Nation Industrial Development Organization, Ugandan Industrial Research Institute, Uganda National Council for Science and Technology and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development.

Pamoja Cleantech AB has also been contracted by the Swedish Energy Agency to perform a Feasibility study for biomass energy solutions adapted to rural areas in India. Pamoja, in collaboration with its Indian partner Cleanbios is developing a business plan for electricity generation in combination with production of briquettes and pellets. The study is assessing the local willingness to pay, local partner technical capabilities and availability of biomass in order to justify a future investment for the implementation of the business model. The company sees a lot of opportunities to extend its business concept to hundreds of remotely located communities in India.