Ahalia Alternate Energy

Ahalia Alternate Energy Pvt. Ltd. (AAEPL) is an establishment of renewable energy development and consultancy. It belongs to Ahalia Health, Heritage & Knowledge Village (AHHKV) at Palakkad, in the state of Kerala, India. AHHKV is an integrated campus of a group of specialty hospitals, Ahalia Heritage Centre, an Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Unit (AMMU) and another group of institutions of higher education. The vast and beautiful campus is spread over 1,500 acres of land that offers a perfect blend of nature and technology.

AAEPL has a mandate to develop all the energy requirements of the campus from natural and renewable resources like wind, solar and biomass – all these three are abundantly available in the campus. Installation of 8.4 MW of grid-connected wind turbine generators is currently going on in the campus. This wind farm has a few generators to supply electricity to the public electricity grid, besides one used for captive power generation.

AAEPL has expertise in wind resource assessment, wind power development, solar PV system design etc. AMMU boards a boiler run completely on biomass. AAEPL has developed roof top SPV plant for its Ayurveda clinic and it is used in off-grid mode. AAEPL has also initiated a project of Wind Power Management which involves Hybrid Electric vehicles and Electric Cooking ranges to replace oil and cooking gas with available wind power so that the carbon foot print of AHHKV will be negligibly small. It also envisages development of a smart campus using ICT that will help maximum utilization of green energy.