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Big pile of sugar canes. Photo.

Problem waste turns into lucrative business

Fungus converts toxic sludge into environmentally smart ethanol.
Biogas installation in a rural area. Photo.

Biogas replaces diesel – at half the cost

India's first two microgrids entirely powered by biogas can be found in the state of Bihar.
Charminar gate in Hyderabad. Photo.

To India on clean business

Working more closely with particular states is a way of developing the programme by looking for new ways and points of contact.
Nine participants. Photo.

Delhi stop showcases partnerships underway with India and Focus Group 3 companies.

Delhi discussions confirm that Sweden companies are committed to working with India. Partnerships are underway and the interest to expand is strong. The second stop of the India Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator, Focus Group 3 (FG3), ...
Joseph Vimal Arulappan. Photo.

The win-win case of Waste to Energy

FOV Biogas’ small, easy to move, cost-effective plants are making a change in the way waste-to-energy is being understood in the Indian context. Director Joseph Vimal Arulappan talks about the strategic decisions FOV has made as it ...
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