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As one of the leading distributors of low-temperature distribution systems, we were never entirely satisfied with the products available on the market. From our university studies and research to the eventual market we found a solution that works in a new unique way.

We quickly realized that some were good at designing clothes and others at designing heating systems, but none of them were good at both. In 2015 we set up Innenco in order to focus specifically on energy concepts and to develop a system of just one physical product of heat/cooling distribution (Active Elements) and a digitation tool for measuring/verify data (Innenco Smart Control).

It had to be a system based on sustainability and environmentally-friendly concepts with the best components, adapted to play a parallel role in the building and energy industry and a platform for the integration of energy systems together with the new era of digitalization. And so good that it would attract municipalities, building companies, real-estate developers, architects and consultants.

Simply, the best heating, cooling and energy storage system together with the best actors in the building industry should result in the best environmental and financial concept.

Expertise areas

If we look at the world today, more than 90 % of each building construction waste energy that could be recyclable. The thermal capacity that each building consists of is a tremendously huge energy source that is not used today.

Innenco has the solution!

Using Innenco has been shown to save more than 75 % of the energy use in colder climate conditions, and 40 % in hot climate conditions.

An entirely new area of thermal distribution and nothing else in the world of the same potential.


Innenco delivers energy concepts by using one physical product (AE) and one digitation tool (ISC).

AE: A variant of underfloor heating system with a function of operating with very low temperatures.

ISC: Computer system with a unique potential to localise small temperature differences from different zones and log data. Compatible for artificial intelligence. Measure the EnergyNetFactor.

The synchronisation of AE and ISC provides to heat a building with only 25 degrees Celsius and cooling with 20 degrees Celsius. With great and balanced indoor comfort.

This also creates the possibility for a new perspective in the energy and building industry to utilize renewables.

Renewable sources and another sustainable technology such as solar energy, GEO energy, wind power, chiller and heat pumps etc. have another efficiency level with Innenco’s solution.

Customer segments


A great opportunity to introduce a new energy system and solution. We target studios and individual architects with innovative thinking.

Factors that most influence the decision to use our system: simple design, a Nordic solution, energy efficiency, a comfortable system, low-building construction, no radiators, the possibility to include more windows.

Developers / Investors

An interesting occasion to introduce an innovative and efficient system to decisionmakers of business and project realization.

Factors that most influence the decision to use our system: price, simplicity, a unique and quality product, sustainability, a Nordic solution, energy efficiency, comfortable temperatures inside buildings, net-zero construction, no radiators, the possibility to combine the system with additional heating for ventilation systems.

B2B partners

Innenco speaks to developers, building companies, floor specialists and retail networks (e.g. Ikea, White Peak, Bauhaus, Media Markt and much more).

Factors that most influence the decision to use our system: price, simplicity, a unique and quality product, sustainability, a Nordic solution, energy efficiency, easy installation, comfortable temperatures inside buildings, net-zero construction, well-developed instructions and a pre-prepared package for installing the product.

Why India?

From an efficient building to a city plan. Now it’s interesting to be a part of the era of Smart and Viable cities.

And that is what we would like to do and be part of in India.

Specific partnering interest

  1. Real estate developer
  2. Consultancy
  3. Building company

Key team

Jonathan Karlsson, CEO & Founder, M.Sc. Physics, Tech. Lic. Building and energy technology

Staffan Bergqvist, COO, Investor relations and business developer

Fredrik Luu, CBDO, Energy Engineer and customer relations

Monika Karlsson, Coordinator & Founder, M.Sc. Marketing communication

Tomas Johansson, Energy Engineer, Energy Engineer and Energy simulations

Lucie Petrikova, Marketing Manager, M.Sc. Marketing communication

Karin Nilsson, Sustainability Manager, Energy and environmental specialist

Miroslav Bezdek, Technical Manager, M.Sc. Energy solutions, Energy Engineer

Ondrej Müller, Project Manager, Energy Engineer, consultancy work

Pavel Jurcak, Project manager, Energy Engineer, consultancy work

Wang Rui, Business Developer & Engineer, Coordinator and E

Liu Wei, Mechanical Engineer, Energy specialist & Engineer

Cao Jinsui, Energy Engineer, Business developer


Jonathan Karlsson
+46 709 64 62 60

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237 37 Bjärred

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