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Power lines in sunset. Photo.

Groundbreaking order for Metrum

Tata Power, one of the foremost power companies in India, has placed an initial order for 20 systems.
Magnus Andersson of Metrum. Photo.

Metrum adds new capital and doubles number of employees

Artificial Intelligence will be further developed for use in electricity power quality.
About twenty Swedes and Indians at Sweden's stand. Photo.

India Smart Grid Week 2017

India Smart Grid Week 7–10 March 2017 (ISGW) was the third edition of the conference cum exhibition on smart grids and smart cities, organized by India Smart Grid Forum (ISGF) and powered by the Swedish Energy Agency, a key partner for the conference.
Rebecka Andreasson. Photo.

Squaring the circle; grid stability and renewable energy

Increasing injection of grid connected renewable energy can be a challenge when the grid is weak. India has set ambitious targets for grid connected renewable energy production. The country’s grid currently experiences high losses ...
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