Based on the common goal for innovations India-Sweden Innovations’ Accelerator supports and encourages the players who strive to develop new solutions that are both robust and cutting edge. This includes activities under the comprehensive and ambitious programme Andaman Islands Microgrid Development, and also feasibility studies and demonstrations resulting from the activities by the Member Companies. The latter reflects a broad spectra of energy solutions, such as combustion technologies, bioenergy, biogas, solar, energy efficiency and so on.

Andaman Islands Microgrid Development

This research & innovation programme focuses on developing and showcasing micro-grid pilots for sustainable and renewable local production, distribution and use of electricity on the Andaman Islands. The purpose is to contribute to a decreased need for imported fossil diesel and to replace this with sustainable power. This programme is being developed and deployed jointly between the Swedish Energy Agency, Government of Sweden and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, the official Parties under the Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration on renewable energy. The parties have defined the objectives and goals, and jointly selected the executing teams from Sweden as well as the Indian project partners.

Old rusty ship. Photo.

Below are the three different consortia participating in the Andaman Island microgrid program:

MAKSUS Consortium

Team PPAM Maksus consists of a number of energy system solution developers as well as technology suppliers, together representing a wide range of possibilities, ideas and competences.

Maksus Consortium

Pamoja Consortium

The Pamoja consortium (previously lead by STRI) will perform a pilot on microgrid platforms. Combining biomass gasification, Stirling CHP, solar photovoltaic and wind turbines with storage, central cooling and hot water generation as well as an innovative approach to load control.

Pamoja Consortium

RISE Consortium

RISE, previously SP, has gathered a consortium to develop new energy solutions on the Andaman Islands. RISE brings with them many years of experience in the cutting-edge technologies that are relevant for the project.

RISE Consortium