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NeoZeo was established in 2010 and has state of the art knowledge and expertise on porous materials for the separation of carbon dioxide from methane (biogas upgrading). NeoZeo derives from several years’ research in materials chemistry at Stockholm University in Sweden, a leading research environment on porous materials. NeoZeo has developed unique zeolite adsorbents and continues R&D to improve the performance of its gas separation technology.


NEOZEO provides new biogas upgrading equipment for the production of high value biomethane – a clean gas for vehicles – from raw biogas produced on farms or from municipal waste. NeoZeo provides a complete biomethane production solution including: preconditioning of raw biogas e.g. removal of impurities, droplets and siloxanes; desulphurisation; separation of CO2; separation of H20; and distribution of pure biomethane to gas fuel stations.

Our biogas upgrading modules are suitable for small and mid-sized flows of raw biogas produced on farms and in small towns and villages, where raw biogas flow is below 200 m3/hour.

Key benefits of the NeoZeo biogas upgrading module:

  • Enables value added revenue generation when you sell pure biomethane fuel for vehicles
  • Generates a higher profit margin than selling biomethane-fuelled electricity
  • Low operating costs in terms of energy consumption and maintenance. No water is needed for the upgrading process.
  • Mobility and security – all the equipment for biogas upgrading is placed inside a 20’ standard sea container for easy transport by truck and equipment security.
  • Shorter return on your investment compared with other biogas upgrading solutions.

Why India?

India generates a large quantity of organic waste and provides opportunity for turning waste to clean energy. We are looking for partners and early adopters with strong engineering knowledge and customer network and/or early adopters to produce biogas vehicle fuel and increase their profit from raw biogas.

Key team

Petr Vasiliev, CEO

How NeoZeo's process works. Illustration.


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