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HiNation AB is engaged in manufacture, trade and sale of rugged and portable solar power solutions, mainly targeting mainly rural markets where people have no electricity and off-grid.


HiLight™ is a 100% solar powered lamp with charging functionality. After 10 hours in the sun, HiLight™ delivers up to 20 hours of light or upto 10 mobile phone charges. WWF awarded HiNation AB “Climate Solver” award in 2012, concluding that 125 million people would need the products. Prioritized markets during 2014 are Sub-Saharan Africa and India.

  • Small scale farmers in agricultural sector, poultry, dairy, pig and fish farming
  • Rural domestic use
  • Useful for rural health workers
  • Can be used for mobile charging, food stalls, etc.
  • Reduces use of Kerosene significantly
  • We work with local to national governments, aid agencies, cooperatives and microfinance agencies

Why India?

HiNation AB participated during 2012–2013 in “Project HiLight India” – a market test performed in Jharkhand, by a local company. The demand for the solar energy products was validated and confirmed. HiNation AB now intends to move ahead and take the next step on the Indian market. Market analysis has confirmed a huge opportunity for the product

Key team

Kristina Linhardt, Senior Executive in business since many years in Europe, and during the last five years in Africa and India. Director of the Board in several companies and organisations.Photo collage of HiNation staff, their equipment and villagers.


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