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ED Biogas

ED Biogas is a company developing, manufacturing and building biogas reactors suitable for small and middle size plants. Our target is to provide the market with the most effective biogas reactor that gives locally produced energy and eco-friendly re-usable residue.


The reactor converts biological waste from an environmental problem and cost to a local resource. The reactor turns local biological waste first to methane gas and then to energy and at the same time solves traditional problems with waste. With suitable adaption to local conditions the customer becomes almost self-sufficient regarding electricity, heating and cooling. The unique construction reduces or eliminates sedimentation and foam cover problems which normally occurs in common existing processes of decay. The unique construction allows use of substrate with high DS levels which leads to more methane gas from less substrate volumes in shorter retention time. The reactor is up to seven times more effective than traditional biogas plants.

  • Capability to combine different techniques for heating, cooling and electricity to meet customers demands
  • Capability to manufacture profitable biogas reactors for small and mid size plants
  • Decay process knowledge
  • Control system for monitoring and control of biogas production
  • Customized turnkey solutions, for Water treatment plants, Animal husbandry, Slaughterhouses, Poultry, Farmers, Domestic waste

Why India?

Our biogas reactor is suitable for Indian market. There is a great possibility for off-grid population produce local energy. We are looking for Local license manufacture for biogas reactors that can provide part of or whole India and perhaps neighbouring countries with reactors. We look for a licensee that, with support from us, is capable to handle the whole process from selling to delivery of turnkey biogas plants on agreed territory.

Key team

Urban Frendeson, Project Manager
Ove Nyman, CEO