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About Airec

Innovative heat exchangers that make a difference.

Airec is a company that develops, produces and sells innovative plate heat exchangers for gas-to-liquid heat transfer (asymmetric heat exchangers). All applications where gas (or air) needs to be heated or cooled by means of a liquid are interesting applications, i.e. recovering heat from combustion gases, cooling compressed air or cooling charge air for engines.

Expertise areas

Plate heat exchangers are far more efficient and compact than heat exchangers based on tubes. Airec focus on unique stainless steel plate heat exchanger designs for target applications where standard products commonly available on the market do not meet the customers needs. Airec products are protected globally by a wide range of patents which enables Airec heat exchangers to handle the high gas temperatures (up to 1,700 degrees C) in many applications. The Airec design has been proven a very reliable technical solution, with thousands of installed units running problem-free for many years.

As conventional plate heat exchangers often give too high pressure drop when used, Airec unique plate heat exchangers are in many cases the only viable solution to recover enough energy and still have a very compact envelop. With Airecs innovative heat exchangers, higher energy efficiency (higher heat recovery) can be achieved. The high efficiency (high heat transfer rates) also brings smaller footprint and lower weight thanks to less material used in the product. Airec products are also beneficial for the environment as less material is used during manufacturing, hence also lower transportation weights. The combination of plate design and high efficiency brings the benefit of lower cooling water requirement in many applications.


Brazed stainless steel plate heat exchangers for asymmetric heat transfer applications, such as gas-to-liquid heat transfer. Two main product families, Cross and Compact.

Cross: Cross flow heat exchanger for minimal pressure drop. Flexible assembly, easy cleaning.

Compact: Counter-current flow heat exchanger with maximal heat transfer. Integrated condensate connection.

Customer segments

OEM-clients within:

  • Compressor industry (compressor manufacturers, downstream compressed air treatment companies, system builders, dealers),
  • Engine manufacturers (water cooled charge air coolers),
  • Companies working with Heat recovery from combustion gases,
  • Companies producing boilers and IWH (instantaneous water heaters)

Why India?

With its size and population, India is a world player when it comes to increased need for energy. As all people and companies on the globe must be extra careful with the scarce resources available, energy-efficient solutions are one of the best and easiest ways to reduce our energy footprint. As most of Airecs clients in Europe and Asia are using the products to save and recover energy, it is a high priority for Airec to make our products and application expertise available also for one of the worlds largest markets, India.

Being a large country with lots of domestic production, makes the Indian market ideal for Airec to grow within.

Key team

Staffan Nordström, Sales & Marketing Manager at Airec Sweden
More than 10 years of technical and sales experience of various heat exchangers manufacturers.

Himanshu D. Shah, Partner of Airec Energy India, distributor of Airec AB products.
More than 15 years of experience of different types of heat transfer equipment.


Staffan Nordström
Hanögatan 5
211 24 Malmö
Mobile: +46 725 35 92 88
Office, direct: +46 40 18 65 58

Himanshu D. Shah
Airec Energy India
506, World Trade Center,
Vadodara – 390020
Mobile: +91-9824057498
Telephone: +91-265-2226270 / 2363921

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